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Voice Apps Monitoring

What is Monitoring?
Bespoken will regularly ping your service to ensure it is alive and responding. When an issue is detected, you’ll get notified immediately.

Who Needs Monitoring?
If you have 1 voice app or 100, you need Monitoring – outages and bugs happen to everyone.

How to Get Monitoring  
Log in
to your Dashboard or create a new account.

You’ll be notified when there are:

  • Outages with the core voice services
  • Outages with commonly used components (Lambda, Dynamo, S3, etc.)
  • Bugs within voice app code

Validation for Alexa Skills

What is Validation?
Automated testing for Alexa skills is here. Create a sequence of tests by just typing. Your interactions will run against Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and your skill. You will see the actual results coming back from Alexa in your Bespoken Dashboard.

Who Needs It?
If you are a serious voice app developer and need to guarantee performance, you need Validation.

How to Get Validation 

  • Log in to your Bespoken Dashboard
  • Add a new Alexa skill or select one
  • Click the “Get validation token” link
  • Enter your utterances and expected responses and click “Save” then “Run”
  • Click the “ENABLE MONITORING ” icon

You will be notified immediately if we detect a problem or change with your test script results. Learn more.


Bespoken Command Line Interface (CLI)

npm install bespoken-tools -g


$ bst speak

Use $ bst speak to “talk” with your skills or actions from the command line – without a device and without speaking aloud. Alexa developers, the speak command uses the real Alexa Voice service (AVS) to let you interact directly with Alexa, just like if you were speaking. To get started, check out the docs.

Go to Docs

BST CLI Utter Gif

$ bst intend

The intend command generates intent requests for your service as if they were coming from Alexa. Both utter and intend use our emulator. We recommend using $ bst utter and $ bst intend for deeper testing of skill logic and $ bst speak to ensure skill behavior under “real” conditions.

Go to Docs

$ bst proxy

Speed up your process when you use the Bespoken Proxy. Develop against actual devices. You no longer have to redeploy your code after every update. Instead, Alexa will communicate with your local machine.

Go to Docs

Bespoken CLI Speak Command

$ bst utter

This command takes an utterance and turns it into a JSON payload, as if it was coming from Alexa. You need your interaction model in a single file or separated as an Intent Scheme and Sample Utterance to start using $ bst utter. Works in a similar way to the Alexa simulator available on the Alexa developer console.

Go to Docs



What is Logging?
Bespoken will automatically capture logs and diagnostics for your Node.js Lambda, Google Cloud Function, or Express.js service. 

Who Needs It?
If you’re a serious voice app player, you need to see your voice app activity. See detailed, conversation-like activity in real time.

How to Get Logging
Logging is included with your Bespoken Dashboard. Create a new account or log in. Integrate your voice apps with a one-line integration – only takes 5 minutes.

You will be able to:

  • See all requests, responses, output statements, and exceptions
  • Inspect payloads, console output, and exceptions
  • Identify errors and fix bugs

Go to Docs

Bespoken Virtual Device Github example

Virtual Device

What are Virtual Devices?
A full-featured automation voice-app platform – one that ensures your skill or action is always working.

Who Needs Virtual Devices?
If you want complete assurance your voice app is working, you need a Virtual Device.

How to Get a Virtual Device
You will get a Virtual Device with your Bespoken account. Log in or create a new account, get a token, install the Virtual Device SDK. For help setting up your device, chat with us in the lower right-hand corner.

What else do Virtual Devices do?

  • Provides an intuitive, natural way to unit test Alexa skills programmatically – as if you were speaking to the device
  • Gives you a simpler interface for startup and teardown of tests

To see how Virtual Device works in action, take a look at this GitHub project for the Guess the Price Alexa skill.

  • "Thanks for the reference to Bespoken – way better than working with Lambda for development."

    Taber Smith
  • "I should space out my love for @bespokenio but I can’t overemphasize how helpful it’s been. We’ve found a couple small bugs we wouldn’t have found otherwise."

    Katie Ernst, CEO, Select A Story
  • "Every day I code is a Bespoken tools day."

    Mark Tucker, Principal Engineer, VoiceXP
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